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Smile Brightening Experience

I was honestly hesitant about the kit but, after reading way too many reviews, and then the Buzzfeed review, I knew I needed to give it a shot. That said, I am so happy I did. I smoked for the better part of 17 years and my teeth were in need of a pick-me-up. They weren't terribly stained but they weren't bright either. In just one week of using the glowup kit, the difference was noticeable. Now everyone is complimenting me on how white my teeth and its just been a real confidence booster. It is definitely worth the investment. I whiten at night before bed and its as simple as plugging the light into my phone and relaxing. Give it a shot! You will be just as impressed as I am. The best part, aside from a beaming smile, is that I experienced NO tooth sensitivity or pain.

Works great!

I had professionally whitened my teeth years ago. After some time, my teeth became too sensitive to continue. I used over the counter whitening strips but never really saw results. I tried glowup after reading reviews. After the first treatment, I honestly saw results and no tooth sensitivity. I completed the six treatments with great results and no sensitivity. I highly recommend the glowup whitening system.

I like it!!

Okay, first of all, I'm very impressed with the actual kit & how easy everything is to use. The only reason I gave 4 stars is because I need a less strong formula than what was originally sent; I answered all the questions honestly, so maybe some of the questions need to be reworded or a couple added? Anyway, I'm very excited about having whiter teeth & looking forward to my next shipment.

Big Fan!

Great price, great product, AMAZING customer service!

Great product!

I was worried the tray might not work for me because I have a small mouth--no problems! It was comfortable and the perfect size. I wish I had taken a picture or had something to compare my teeth to on day 1 vs day 6. I think they are noticeably whiter!